Lauren. 20. CLE. Teenager for life. I'll do basically anything for bacon, peach tea, or fruit rollups. Proverbs 31:25
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“I was at the Oscars, waiting to hear if my name was called, and I kept thinking, Cakewalk, cakewalk, cakewalk. I thought, Why is ‘cakewalk’ stuck in my head? And then, as I started to walk up the stairs and the fabric from my dress tucked under my feet, I realized my stylist had told me, ‘Kick, walk, kick, walk.’ You are supposed to kick the dress out while you walk, and I totally forgot because I was thinking about cake! And that’s why I fell.”



'girls don't have to clear their internet history'

let me explain you a thing

of course girls don’t have to clear their internet history
girls are smart enough to use an incognito window

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Nolan Gerard Funk


oh sweet jesus

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1 month until valentine’s day which means 1 month and 1 day until i buy 75% clearance chocolate for myself at target

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my cat licked my forehead and then tapped it with her paw i think i just got baptised

You got catised